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Who We Are

We're Your Strategic Partners in Growth

Who We Are

We're Your Strategic Partners in growth

Nectar: drink of eternal life. Promotes pollination, creation, and growth.

Nectar Digital Group (formerly HueLixir) is a digital transformation agency that gives small to medium sized service & B2B businesses the tools to grow.

No two businesses have the same personality, needs, and goals - so we don't waste your time (and ours) with one-size-fits-all thinking. Our priority is to really understand the heart of your business and who you are so that we chart the best forward that fits you.

Our number one goal is to help you achieve your best potential. We really do believe that your future can be sweet, so let's make it happen!

Our Values

What We Believe


We've mastered the rules so that we can break them. Our approach is effective because it is refreshingly original.


We love people. We believe that every single person carries a unique brilliance that deserves to be fully materialized.


We specialize in helping our clients build thought leadership. We innovate and stay on the cutting-edge for our clients.


We are driven by integrity through and through - from our relationships with our clients to our approach to marketing.

Let's Meet

Meet our Management team


Rose Désauguste

Founder & CEO

Rose is serial entrepreneur, founder of  Nectar DX, growth strategy expert, and techie. Her experience spans over 7+ years of leading digital transformation for companies of various sizes from multi-billion-dollar companies, tech startups, to small businesses.

Rose considers herself a  strategic creative with ample experience in many disciplines that result in a new unique innovative approach to her  work as a brand strategist. 

Her strategic expertise comes from her diverse career in behavioral neuroscience, EdTech, FinTech, and management consulting. Her creativity is inspired by her colorful life. Rose has traveled across the globe, loves and performs different forms of art, and speaks four languages.

Rose is purpose-driven and a strong advocate for using business and technology as a force for good.


Denisse Vargas

Marketing Project Manager

Denisse is a behavioral psychologist, marketing strategist, and social media analyst passionate about developing effective marketing strategists that can minimize waste of time and maximize improvement and implementation. She defines herself as a knowmad. She loves to read and stay informed on the changes in different digital channels. She is also into branding and how brands can say more when they don’t sell. She likes to do Sudokus and loves sunsets.

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Start Your Digital Transformation

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Nectar is part branding  powerhouse, part consultancy, and part digital marketing agency based in Manhattan.

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