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How to Create On-brand Social Media Content

How to Create on-brand Social Media Content

social media strategy

Marketing experts will tell you that the most important thing for a company is to create a unified message. Building a brand is all about having the same content spread over various channels. This way, when you start advertising, you make sure everyone remembers your message, your logo and the company name.

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Back in the day, it was easy for companies to present themselves in this way; channels such as newspapers, magazines, radio, billboards and brochures allowed companies a lot of flexibility. Today, everyone advertises through the web and in particular social media. Unfortunately, the type of message you can post varies significantly from platform to platform.

Creating a full brand experience tends to be hard throughout social media platforms. But it’s not unattainable!

Here are some ways you can modify your message so that visitors can easily tell that this is your brand.

1. Facebook

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Facebook is the easiest platform to optimize content for. It allows a mix of images, text and videos so no matter what kind of a message you’ve got on your hands, you will be able to create something that will present that brand in any way possible. Facebook also allows you to use the name of the company and logo which makes it easier to spot within a thread.

2. Twitter

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While Twitter is much better for celebrities and for sharing short notifications, some brands manage to promote their business rather efficiently through this platform. The main focus, of course, is on textual content but you can also mix in images and videos. Twitter is great for dynamic industries and businesses that are heavily reliant on news and innovations. Unfortunately, if you’re unable to share your message on a constant basis, it becomes rather forced.

3. YouTube

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Today, YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world. Needless to say, your main way of advertising there is via videos. A great thing about video creation is that this type of a message can be shared on most of the other social media platforms. So, all you have to do is create actionable videos! But, keep in mind that YouTube ads can be a bit intrusive compared to other platforms (your video is stopped so you see it and you’re forced to watch it for at least 5 seconds).

4. Instagram

social media strategy
social media strategy

Instagram is the most popular image sharing platform in the world. It is great for brands that work with fashion items, food, and anything else that is visually appealing. Due to its nature, most people will expect captivating images and videos. In other words, low-quality images or such that are not appealing will not be viewed or shared. Make sure that your brand fits this mold when you start advertising there for the first time.

5. LinkedIn

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If you want to create business connections, there is no better place than LinkedIn. Any type of business can share their message through this platform. Furthermore, the ability to create LinkedIn posts provides another option to users and brands. Still, you need to keep in mind that this platform is most popular among financial companies, marketing firms, lawyers’ offices, the IT sector, etc. While you can create almost anything on it, that doesn’t mean it will reach the right audience.


Almost every platform allows you to spread your message according to your liking. Unfortunately, the biggest problem lies in the potential audience; some businesses simply don’t perform well on certain social media channels. That being said, make sure to invest your time and money in platforms that are more likely to bring the expected results. 

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Ellan Dineen

Ellan Dineen is the Marketing Associate at Design Wizard. When she’s not hard at work in the Marketing Department, Ellan can be found en route to foreign lands with a book in her hand and a podcast in her ear. With a Master’s in English and Diploma in Social Media Marketing, she knows the importance of staying up-to-date with the industry’s latest trends and insights and is keen to pass these tips on to her readers.

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