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Why Top Brands Stay At The Top

Why Top Brands Stay At The Top

To stay at the top, you have to be a Disney.

Let us explain.

Disney promises you the experiences of “The Happiest Place on Earth” and “Where Dreams Come True.” That slogan is a promise of a timeless experience, that of happiness. Who doesn’t like happiness? Their branding and messaging often times have nothing to do with the product they are selling, but rather the feelings associated with the experience of using their products and services.

So be a Disney, and sell experiences instead of products. That is the secret sauce to building personal personal relationships and loyalty with your customers. Remember that branding is personal. People do business with organizations they like and believe in. Today’s world is overly saturated and you are sure to find a multitude of competitors for any given product or service. The thing that all timeless brands have always known is that people don’t buy products and services, they buy experiences and emotions.

Preserving brand continuity and product integrity is a continuous process. Timelessness also means staying relevant by using insights of the modern times and culture to continually improve the essence of the experience you are promising to your customers. Here’s how you can be a timeless brand:

1. Focus more on psychographics, not just demographics

It’s not enough to assume that women 18 to 35 are your target audience. Researching and segmenting the current market is necessary, but doesn’t provide the insights needed by a brand to move it forward. Brands need to study the changing psychographics of their customers and start looking in different directions by digging into modern trends, opinions, and culture. What does your audience care about? What do they believe about themselves, the world, the products/services they consume? What are their biggest struggles and how does your product/service make their lives better? These are some questions every brand should constantly ask themselves if they want any chance of truly connecting with their audience. Social listening, online reviews, reaction studies, and other more traditional market research metrics are absolute musts when building a brand.

2. Be mobile​

It’s no longer enough to just have a basic website. Your website should be responsive and focused on the user experience. It has to look good to the user no matter what what device they’re viewing it on. If the experience on your website is frustrating to the user, they’re not going to buy from you nor will they come back once you’ve lost them.

3. Word of mouth/networking is everything today

There are millions of brands making a million claims these days. People have tuned out a lot of the advertising / marketing talks. Do you want to prove that your product/service is worth their time? Don’t say it yourself; have someone else tell your audience how great you are. Level testimonials, referrals, and word of mouth from past clients.

4. Be down-to-earth, relatable, and engaging

When you know exactly what customers want, why they want it and the external factors that could change the state of the marketplace, top brands can compete with newcomers with a combination of rigid trust and top notch innovation that is hard to overcome.

5. Move beyond legacy​

Speak with your potential customers about the present and the future, not the past. Focus on them and their vision.

6. Be concise with your message.​

You need to explain what your brand proposition is in just a few words.

7. Don’t sell what you do, sell why you do it.

8. Most importantly, focus on improving the lives of the people you hope to serve.

Give something positive back to the world.

These things are always considered in the strategy of lasting and impactful brands.

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